4 Top Tips for Using Frenchic Paint

Brighter days ahead – and colours too. Eager to embrace the changing season, Treacy Decor is offering a range of Frenchic paints to help you in your next project. From refurbishing wayside treasures to reinvigorating small spaces and inspiring new outlooks – we’ve highlighted Frenchic paints for a few reasons. Read on to learn more.  

Upcycle Furniture

Beyond responsible, ‘upcycling’ – or the creative reuse of old furniture or material – has become something of a flagship trend in the irreversible movement towards sustainability. For ideas and inspiration, check out these amazing examples of upcycling projects from Frenchic’s blog

New to DIY? Fear not. Frenchic paints are ‘forgiving’ with a naturally distressed look, so mistakes made don’t matter all that much. Even slightly damaged furniture ought not be cause for concern – nothing that can’t be remedied with a quick hand sander, should you prefer. With paints applicable by brush or spray, even spindly materials like wicker can be made new again with a splash of colour.


Ideal For Conservatories and Bathrooms

Versatility accounts for a lot when considering value. Frenchic’s paints are meant for application in any space – conditions aside. In rooms that experience humidity or varying temperature extremes (like bathrooms and conservatories), painting projects can be troublesome and results are prone to more rapid deterioration. Problem solved. Frenchic paints can withstand cold and hot temperatures so painting these rooms is a breeze and the results remain radiant.

These days, we spend more time in tiny spaces than we’d like to, so applying a little effort to these forgotten realms can make a big difference. The pore space in this chalk paint enables some contraction and expansion without flaking, peeling, and weakening the bond when exposed to such conditions – offering big improvements to little spaces with no worries.

The Perfect Choice For Children’s Spaces


Paints by Frenchic all have incredible even coverage, making them an ideal choice for painting projects in children’s bedrooms, nurseries and playrooms – or any other space where little ones might try to ‘express themselves’ with an early mural or collage. There’s no need to buy a load of paint to cover up crayon drawings, as solid coverage means a little goes a long way in keeping up appearances. 

Even quick touch-up applications have a perfectly fine outcome, so feel free to encourage your young Morisot. Rest assured that you can take that IG photo and simply repaint with ease. Likes.

Personalize Your Projects 

Anyone (even beginners) can create unique and interesting effects with very little effort by applying a few simple tips and tricks. By all means, follow your instincts – but trust us to provide a bit of inspiration.

Create a layered look by applying different colours to the base and top coats, then brush or spray it and use a sanding sponge or steel wool to expose layers. Alternatively, you can create a layered look by painting a top coat over the first colour with a dry brush to expose cracking and show a more weathered, vintage look. Loads of ideas and inspiration are available through Frenchic.


Frenchic paints have found a niche in this age of environmental awareness as the mantra of “reduce, reuse, recycle” becomes ever more relevant and practical. Breathe new life into old treasures with a finish of fresh colour. Reclaim dull spaces with vibrant tones and an eye for easy maintenance. And most importantly, create your own environment without pouring buckets into your project. 

Complete with useful tutorials, the Frenchic site is available to answer your questions. And for a more personalised appraisal to suit your objectives, we’re here to help. Contact us at Treacy Decor for all your needs.

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