Get Inspired by the Largest Wallpaper Selection in the West of Ireland

Along with springtime comes an optimistic nudge toward thoughts of rejuvenation. What better time to reimagine your home space. Treacy Decor offers the largest selection of wallpaper in the west of Ireland. With various textures, tones, prints and patterns, the possibilities are endless for any space – dining and living areas, accent walls, home offices, children’s rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. 

Springtime Floral Patterns

Bring a bit of warmth to living spaces with a fresh look inspired by springtime in floral patterns and prints. Ranging from subtle to striking, soothing to wild – floral wallpapers can add a liberating touch of springtime optimism and vitality. Perfect for conservatories and very popular in children’s spaces, a floral wallpaper is certainly more than seasonal and makes for a wonderful way to bring a little of the outdoors into your home – especially as we spend so much time inside these days.

The Most In-Demand Styles

Textured wallpapers have been making something of a splash, adding charm and depth to any room in a way that paints alone just can’t. Many of us jump straight to colour and pattern choices when considering new wallpaper, often overlooking the various playful options afforded by choices in texture. These options interact differently with light and provide subtle variation under different conditions.

Interesting textures which mimic a more gritty or lightly glittered look make bold accents to dining areas and parlours while subtle tweed or canvas looks provide a calm cozy feel to walls in living spaces and bedrooms. 

Reimagine Your Home Office

Even as life returns at a snail’s pace back to normal, the movement toward remote working and home offices will be largely irreversible. Given the time spent in our home workspaces, it’s worth making these spaces work for us. Maybe sharp and smart-looking patterns with bold color contrast have the no-nonsense look that helps you focus. Or maybe a whimsical, light and airy pastel palate puts your mind in its most productive place. The right wallpaper is a fantastic way to reflect your personality and unique style through a wide range of textures, prints, patterns and colours. Make your home workspace a place that inspires you. Make it a productive den of creativity.

Ideal for Children’s Spaces

Stimulating designs to spark creativity and nurture young imaginations – children’s rooms, nurseries and playrooms are a brilliant opportunity to create a warm playful environment for little ones. This is an instance where wallpaper is definitely more practical than paint alone. Treacy Decors offers a wide range of delightful patterns and prints in bright fun colors as well as soft cozy pastels and themes to suit your little one’s interests.

Moreover, we all know that small children can sometimes mistake walls for canvas, volunteering non-commissioned ‘murals’ and ‘collages. So beyond contributing far more to a space’s personality and energy, it’s worth noting that Treacy Decor offers a number of wallpapers that are easy to clean and maintain – perfect for any room where little ones might unexpediedly ‘express themselves’.


Following a tumultuous year, we’re all looking forward to a renaissance of sorts. Why not start with your own environment? With the largest selection of wallpaper in the west of Ireland, Treacy Decor has a vast multitude of options, a spectrum of colours and patterns in various textures and tones. From classic and traditional to bold and modern. Whether your projects are big or small, there’s a wallpaper perfect to suit your needs. 



Main Points:

  1. Any new wallpapers they have (with an emphasis on the upcoming spring/summer season).
  2. The most popular wallpapers they have.
  3. The various brands of wallpaper they sell and the types of wallpaper (e.g. rough, smooth, glittery, printed, vinyl, etc).
  4. Ideas for which of their wallpapers suit certain rooms – colours, patterns, and types of wallpaper (e.g. for a children’s bedroom might need a wallpaper that’s easier to clean).

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